Collaborating Organisations

Collaborating organisations

Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi) at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

ibugi is an academic affiliated institute at Alanus university located in Bonn, which is primarily concerned with education as the basic foundation of social and economic innovation. ibugi was initiated by Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga, founding president of Alanus University. ibugi pursues education and research in the fields of educational philosophy, moral philosophy, and social innovation. That entails the supervision of doctoral dissertations in said fields. Alanus University is a state-approved private University. It is a place of arts-based education and academic research.

In the past Crossfields Learning co-operated with Alanus University in delivering an MA (until April 2019).

Currently Crossfields Learning is offering postgraduate certificate courses in close cooperation with the Institute for Education and Social Innovation.

The Proteus School of Reflective Social Practice

The Proteus School work with all aspects of social change. The School is there to bring together a sensibility for, understanding of, and practice towards the relationship between ecological wholeness and social coherence and healing. To enable people to stretch their processes of inner and outer development to greater edges and depths; this is the foundation for socially responsive and life-supporting practices.

The Grubb School of Organisational Analysis

The Grubb School of Organisational Analysis exists to develop and promote the practice and theoretical evolution of Organisational Analytic practice as a contribution to the repair, healing and transformation of our co-created world.