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Crossfields Institute promotes positive culture change through education.

Education sits at the very core of human development – it is the basis for all that we do. All too often, however, education still operates in ways that may have been suitable a few decades ago, but they are no longer fit for purpose now. At a time when we are experiencing unprecedented changes in our world – both socially and environmentally -we need new thinking, new initiative and new action. We need new approaches to education!

‘What will transform education is not another theory or another book or another formula but a transformed way of being in the world’
– Parker Palmer

Crossfields Institute has a growing reputation for being innovators in the field of education and educational leadership. And we know that we can do more!
We believe that a primary aim of education is to spark a passion for learning, cultivate a sense of purpose, and develop resilience and capacities for participating meaningfully in the world. We are committed to realizing new directions in education through our innovative work in awarding, teaching, and consulting.
In order to do this we need financial resources for educational project development, research and outreach, qualification development and networking.

We are inviting you to Join us and be a part of shaping the future of education.

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Your donation can be to support a particular activity (running a research conference, supporting a student to study with us, supporting the development of an online programme or qualification) or it can be given for us to use for any of the above where we perceive the most pressing need.

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