We offer a range of in-service learning opportunities for schools, organisations and groups. We can tailor these workshops and courses to your needs – group size, length of session, location. We have found these workshops to be very effective either singularly (such as a whole day focussed on firelighting) or in combination. Perfect for inset days, team building, CPD and organisational development.

Organisations are most effective when they operate with a healthy culture of collaboration, motivation and commitment. These values are, however, not a given. They are subject to all kinds of tensions and pressures and to keep these ‘alight’ in individuals and in the organisation, they require regular attention. A Crossifelds firelighting workshop is the perfect way to spark new energy and life into your organisation. Firelighting offers rich opportunities for team-work and collective problem solving, for challenge and achievement. The task of kindling flames with fire bows puts each participant in touch with a sense of purpose, possibility – and joy!

There are growing numbers of people today who experience high levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. This might be as a result of easily identifiable external causes, such as homelessness, unemployment or work related stress. Or it might be in connection to factors that are less easy to identify, such as the increasing complexity, uncertainty and alienation of modern life. This workshop introduces to participants some simple and effective tools for developing mental, emotional and spiritual resilience in times of stress, distress and hardship.

To develop and maintain good, effective colleagueship and communication is essential for the well-being and effectiveness of organisations. This workshop is dedicated to supporting your team to work effectively and creatively together. We will look at how to manage the complex and ambiguous situations that close collaboration presents.

Parker Palmer speaks about the importance of living an undivided life. Living an undivided life means to strive to be authentic and true to oneself in the moment without building walls of protection between our true self and the world around us. We are raised to think that we need to fit in with the socially constructed behaviours around us in order to function in society. To live an undivided life is to be ready to own our mistakes and learn from them, to be ready to provide authentic responses, to be ready to not know the answers, and to be ready to show excitement, creativity and passion for a subject or an appropriate cause.

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