Short Courses

We regularly run workshops, short courses and events. This page is regularly updated with details about these, so bookmark this page!                                                               Some of our courses are offered by our own faculty and associates, for others we invite contributions from artists, academics, educators and practitioners from a range of different disciplines.                                                                                                                    Our short courses take a transdisciplinary and integrative approach to topical themes and current issues.

Online Courses

These engaging and topical courses (coming soon!!) can be taken in your own time – wherever you live. They combine a wide range of learning materials and approaches. They are designed to be experiential as well as informative, to open new ideas and stimulate new action!

the way we know has powerful implications for the way we live” Parker Palmer

It has never been more important to get to grips with this deceptively simple statement than it is now. This course invites you onto a fascinating journey of discovery where you will explore the different ways in which we have gone about knowing ourselves and our world, and how these ways of knowing have informed our way of being in and with the world. The course combines exercises, study, multi-media presentations, guided learning and opportunities for discussion.

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This course aims to give students an appreciation of some of the complexities and subtleties of human consciousness and its role in mediating and constituting human experience. Central to the course is the importance of self-knowledge in the enquiry process, and the idea that our ways of seeing can be refined and developed as an integral aspect of research. Students also learn about some of the historical questions and issues surrounding consciousness, and some of the different attempts to engage with these issues within science and academia.

The approach taken is primarily experiential, in that students enquire into the structure of their own experience using first-person methods. They also explore simple contemplative methods for stilling and directing the attention and apply these in different ways. This experiential approach is used as the basis for grounding the theoretical content of the course.

This course is primarily for students who are carrying out research or study in their own field of interest and who would like to integrate a practical consciousness studies component. It is also for students who have an interest in fundamental questions of human existence.

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

In this section you will find details about upcoming workshops and events. Want to experience learning that engages the head, the hand and the heart? Find out what is coming up next….

23rd – 24th November, 2019

“There is so much more to soap making than learning to make a bar of soap” – Romy Fraser

This course will inspire both the soap-making beginner as well as those who want to dive deeper into this fascinating craft. We start from ‘first principles’ and explore the origins of soap making – the processes and first materials used to make soap. Our journey will then lead us into the plant-world, as we explore the properties of plants and distill essential oils for enhancing soap. Practicing the art and science of soap making will also lead us to consider important themes relating to the environment, the history of both soap and science, the possibilities (and potential pitfalls) of design and product development, and the many creative avenues opened up by this craft.

Soap making – you will find – is about learning to make a good bar of soap – and so much more!

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Past Events

You can see details here about some of our previous events here. You can also learn about our recent conferences by going to our dedicated conference section – here.

A Plant-based Retreat

28th September 2019

These plant-retreats take us on a journey into the seasonal life of the plants growing in Trill Farm’s fields, forests and meadows. We will be engaging our hands, heads and hearts in a deepening of our understanding of the plant world while also learning practical ways for bringing plants into our lives for enhanced health and wellbeing. This journey into the plant world is informed by artistic, contemplative and creative activities as well as by Jonathan’s many years of study, work and research in holistic science and natural philosophy. Come join us on this journey meeting the remarkable plants that make Trill Farm their home.

Meeting with Remarkable Plants

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July 29th – Aug 2nd, 2019
Orcas Island, Washington

A workshop exploring the inner and outer weavings of fire co-facilitated by Jonathan Code and Maureen Curran

‘The plant can be but a flowering flame…the animal a moving flame…and the human being a speaking flame’.                                               Novalis  

What…or who…is a human being?

This is perhaps the most crucial question of our time. How we answer this question – and how we live it – determines how we will live in the world, with each other and with ourselves. As we enter times of potentially radical change we would do well to live deeply into this question and to – collectively and collaboratively – explore its many dimensions.

Taking our departure from the pithy proposal that the human being is a ‘speaking flame’ (Novalis) Fire will be our primary focus for these five days: how we kindle it, nurture it and transform with it; how it lives in us and moves in us, and how it lives in the natural world around us. Our collective task will be to kindle a ‘needfire’, an act that goes to the heart of what it means to be human at this time.

The workshop will engage with processes and practices central to the work of the teacher, the healer, the grower and anyone who shares a fascination for this central question of what it means to be human at this time!

Maureen Curran and Jonathan Code will co-facilitate this five day workshop delving deeply into the ways of fire – inner and outer. We will engage with Fire in its many guises through:

    • Transformative Movement Sessions
    • Collaborative tasks and exercises
    • Contemplative practice
    • Demonstrations and discussion
    • Creative reflection

Join us on a transformative journey as we delve deeply into the fascinating (and often elusive) nature of Fire!

To Book Contact: Kathryn
Bookings accepted until June 29, 2019

COST: $400.00

A daily snack will be provided during the workshop. A list of available lodging and camping sites on the island can be provided upon request.

Understanding the Nature of Animals​

This event took place:
February 23rd 2019

The Museum in the Park

We gathered at the Museum in the Park, Stroud and worked with amazing presenters to get a deeper understanding of ‘animal nature’. We were able to draw on insights from a range of disciplines (science, art, agriculture and ecopsychology) and we delved into the many ways in which our lives interface with those of the animals around us. Click on the image above to see a slide show of pictures taken at the event!

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